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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Would you like lines with that?

Springing up into the shop over the next few days...

...writing sets with lines!

I'm trying this out with a few of my designs, to see how they go. Some people like their writing paper blank, but I've always been one of those people who cannot keep their writing straight without a little guidance. (Maybe it's to do with being dyslexic?) I think I'll keep both lined and unlined sets as options. I'm also always open to folks asking to mix and match lined and unlined, or one design with another. Writing sets a la carte!

The new sets also have the labels I mentioned in my earlier post (below the ramblings about my allergies which, by the way, seem to slowly be improving but the sinus pain persists!)

The weather here has been gloriously sunny lately, which is wonderful, if a little sleepy-siesta-inducing. My mojo seems to be coming back though, leading me to wonder if I am in fact solar very green!

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drinking in the morning sun said...

i like the lines very much. the little illustrations are lovely, keep up the good work!*