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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Degrees of awayness

Is 'awayness' a word? I think it should be...


I'm back from my holiday, with my age bumped up by one year. I had a nice week in Devon, despite pretty dull weather. I went to a very good zoo saw The Boat That Rocked...went on a real boat to visit Agatha Christie's old summer home (and on that boat met the sweetest quietest doggie...)

I'm very much Here again, but the Etsy shops haven't sprung back into life with quite as much of a flourish as I'd hoped. Why, I hear you ask?

For all my life as long as I can remember, I've had certain symptoms. Dry, prickly eyes...poor sense of smell...headaches that tend to focus on my forehead...feeling poorly if I go out for a walk near plantlife or come into contact with someone wearing a lot of perfume...or do any dusting...atchoooooo!

I've also had a lifetime of people telling me how tired I look (gee, thanks!) or that I might be dehydrated because I have dark circles around my eyes. I only recently discovered that this is a classic sign that goes hand in hand with all the aforementioned problems.

I finally went to see my doctor, shortly before going away, and asked the inevitable question. Might I have allergies? Well, it isn't conclusive whether it's true allergies or just something an awful lot like them, but it does seem to be some kind of perennial rhinitis (fancy term for year round nose problems) which could be worsened lately by what is probably hayfever.

Antihistamines, sadly, have not helped (one kind have no effect, the other send me very rapidly into the land of nod, to dream about pink rhinos asking me if I've had my hair cut recently) but kind Mr Doctor has given me some steroid spray. So far, this seems to help with some symptoms but makes others (such as the sinus pain) a little bit worse. I have been told to persist for at least a month, so persisting I am, aided with painkillers when necessary.

Waking up feeling like you've been walloped in the face with a plank of wood is not nice - sinus pain is a common problem, so I'm sure many of you can empathise with the bruised, tender feeling around your eyes like goggles of pain.

Much as I dislike making excuses, this is the reason for my slow start on a long list of things to make and do. Things that are now near to being crossed off the list (or rather have a big red tick put next to them, which is what I like to do) are...

Writing sets. I've been working on some new and improved versions of these - now with lines for keeping your writing straight and I'm trying out swapping the 12 little round stickers for 6 rectangular ones to use as address labels on the envelopes. They've got scalloped frames and lines in various colours to coordinate with the writing paper in each set...I think they're rather cute.

So... I am here, and progress is being made, and I hope the new Scatterbox Originals products will be well received soon. :-)


Christiane said...

Devon has palm trees!? Looks like you had a lovely holiday. I hope you can sort out your health problems soon...finding out what's causing it can be such a tricky process though! Chx

Catherine said...

Christiane - yep, Cornwall and Devon (and possibly other parts of the westcountry) have a lot of Dracaena palm trees, mainly in people's gardens, some on roadsides or on roundabouts. Technically it's a subtropical atmosphere here, though you wouldn't know it lately with the cold and the drizzle!

natural attrill said...

Hope you get to find the cause of your allergies, have you had the skin tests?
Antihists dont work for me either.
Good luck with it all, hope you feel better soon Cat.

Catherine said...

P - I haven't had skin tests, no. I'm not sure if they're available for nose-y allergies rather than skin allergies - it's not something I've been offered. One of these days I'll get to the bottom of it all! :0)