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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Plans and schemes

You may have guessed from the clues in the previous post that my new product line for the shop is Gocco printed Moleskine notebooks. I have a few designs in mind, including one featuring Queen Felicity, but my printer only came with supplies for making one design. It was a tough choice but in the end I went with the El Bandido design I used for the fabric covered book I made last year.

Getting used to the Gocco took a little time. I did several test prints before taking the plunge with my supply of lovely notebooks, but because of the weight of the books, they react to the pressure of the Gocco differently. The first few notebooks have small flaws in the prints - splotches of ink, uncrisp lines etc:

See that blob of ink on the right of El Bandido's body? I'm such a perfectionist, I can't bring myself to sell these slightly flawed books at full price, but they're still good to use and I think I've found out what I was doing wrong - later prints have come out much better so I'm offering up my first 'oops' notebooks at a lower price. Why not mosey on down to the shop and snap one up?

Later, I'll be listing the books with clearer prints like these:
They still each have their own little quirks - that's the appeal of printmaking - but the lines are generally crisper.

These are some of the cameo animal themed designs I have in mind...
Please vote for your favourite in my poll on the right and help me decide which to work on next when I get more printing supplies. The bear and rabbit are both going to be black line with red details. I might make Queen Felicity's crown a golden yellow too :-)


lilymoon said...

Oh, Cat they look gorgeous!!
I especially like the design for 'so much to do' :O)

natural attrill said...

Oh these are adorable Cat, I love the 'schemes' notebook best.

red-handed said...

Making notebooks is the bomb ... it's a like a piece that follows you around, asking for notations.

ally said...

Really cute designs! I like the sleepy bunny one best and the 'scemes' notebook is joint first. Couldn't vote for some reason so thought I'd message instead. :)

Catherine said...

Thank you Ally :-)
And thank you to those who voted - the poll is now closed (I couldn't get blogger to change the end date for some reason)
I need to alter the images slightly so that I can get the colours far apart enough for using the ink blocker - otherwise the colours will probably bleed. I'm working on it!