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Monday, 26 January 2009

Lost Time

El Bandido has been at it again, stealing time away from under my nose! Blogging and crafting have both been suspended for some time...first because I was away for Christmas, then because I had some overtime in my day job, then it was the dreaded Tax Return of Doom, then I had to compile information on my self employment for the local council (which managed to take up nearly two whole weeks and was a more mammoth task than the tax return!)

Finally able to get back to crafting after over a month of scarcely even scribbling an idea down with a pencil, I found myself with Crafter's Block for a couple of days. I'd get out my fabric and stare at it with a sense of dread. I'd get a pencil and paper and my drawings were so wobbly I almost lost hope that I'd ever get back in gear. After so long away from creating, I was really nervous about going back to it but fear not, I am regaining my crafty mojo and I have some new things up my sleeve...

I don't want to say too much just yet lest I jinx it...suffice it to say, I am getting close to starting on some things I've wanted to make for some time. There are, as is often the case, certain supplies to be gathered first and a little research to be done.

In the meantime, in preparation, I'm doing a lot of drawing. Here's a sneaky look at a new character I'm developing. Her name is Felicity:


Deb said...

she definitely looks like the cat who has got the cream and everything else she requested from her maids in waiting. dx.

natural attrill said...

I like Felicity!