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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Making a list...

...and checking it twice!

I can't go away for any length of time without making at least one list of things to pack. I'm a compulsive list-maker and I think I've got through about 6 notebooks in the past year with mainly lists of things to do, things I've done, things to remember...

I'm making the epic journey to my parent's house tomorrow. All being well, it'll be a journey of about 10 hours...that's if everything runs on time. I've filled up my little mp3 player with enough music to last the whole day. I always worry I'm going to get bored of even the most favoured album so I've got a very varied mix of Indie, Pop, Instrumental, Rock and the occasional errant Disney song from a mix cd given to me by a friend (however did that song from Lilo and Stitch get onto my mp3 player...ahem...)

My shop is now hibernating. I've got to work a few full days in the Day Job after I get back so I'll probably wait to open up again until January the 3rd.

For the sake of my health and sanity, as well as maintaining quality control, I've held off finishing the items I mentioned in my last post. I did make one small moleskine cover and it sold in the flashiest of flashes - there will definitely be more. New things to expect in the shop from January onwards include...

Cushion/pillow covers
Moleskines with covers
Coin purses
New Improved Tote Bags

I've really enjoyed making the childrens' scarves but sadly there's a new piece of legislation, the CPSIA, effective in February that means I can't legally sell products for under 12s to the United States without first getting all components of every item tested for lead (even if, it seems, they're entirely fabric and very unlikely to pose a health threat). This is an insanely expensive procedure that a one-woman-band like me can't afford, and most of my customers are in the USA, so regretfully I don't think products specifically for under 12s are going to be a viable avenue for me in the future.

I'm also developing some new ideas though for some possible new paper products that I'm really excited about and I hope once I've got further along with the technicalities of it I'll be able to show you all.

In the meantime, I shall leave you with my thought of the day:

Singing along to "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" on the train is an effective way to ensure you get a whole carriage alllll to yourself!

What's your way of killing time on long journeys?


Christiane said...

Happy New Year, Cat! Hope you had a good Xmas. 10 hours on the train, really?!

Catherine said...

10 hours from setting off for the train station to getting to my parents' house, including waiting in between changes of trains.