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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Status report

Hello hello,

A quick status report for you...

Writing sets:
4 different designs are going up on Etsy in the next day or so :D
I had more ideas after the initial sketch shown a couple of posts ago, so there will be
1. Blue Teapot (with teacup stickers, oh so sweet!)
2. Acorn (you can see a very rough initial sketch among the other design doodles but there it is below, all packaged up pretty)
3. Blush Bear
4. Sleepy Bunny

Following soon (when I get more envelopes in appropriate colours) will be the seedlings design (minus the sun this time - I decided not to overcomplicate things) and also the gossiping cats.
The bumblebees, monocled cat, trees on hill and bluebird are still in the design stage.

I'm also working on a variety of things on the theme of tea - I intend to make a tote bag with my teapot picture sewn to the front, plus matching money purses with the teacup, plus I've had an idea for teaspoon keyrings that I'm trying out today - watch this space!


Mon Petit Lapin said...

Ooo new goodies love the acorn design!

paula said...

i love your writing sets! x