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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Stationery on the move

As you may have guessed from the poll on the right side of the page, I have an exciting new product line in development.

Writing sets have been quietly growing as an idea in my head, held back by technical difficulties that I had feared would put them at a complete halt. By next week, I should be up and running with a shiny new printer and my idea will no longer be stationary!*

I've found some lovely quality FSC paper - this means the paper is made with wood from sustainable forests. Next I'm on the hunt for the perfect eco-friendly envelopes.

Here's a sneaky preview of some of the designs I have in mind. Please excuse the scribblyness! Click on the image for a bigger view.

1. Sun and seedlings - similar to the appliqué design found on my coin purses.
2. Gossip cats - remember Sylvie and Claudette?
3. Copse on hill - this one is inspired by a little group of trees on a hilltop that I pass every time I head north to see my family .
4. Bluebird sings - my little bluebird has always been popular on purses, so I'm bringing him back in papery form!
5. Cameo animals - these will be limited colour and line drawings of my animals, in a cute scalloped 'frame'. Definitely my bear and my rabbit with rosy cheeks...possibly also a monacled cat I've been doodling of late...
6. Miss Owl on branch - I haven't decided yet if she'll be wide awake or snoozing.
7. Bumbly bees - possibly with their Queen Bee leading the way as they bumble their way across the page.

I'm still deciding on the best proportions of paper to envelopes, so please do vote on my poll and help me make my writing sets the best they can be :)

*I know, I know, an awful pun but I couldn't resist...


Mon Petit Lapin said...

Ooo what an exciting new product line, best of luck with it I've voted!


Your pen sketches are really cute.

You have been tagged...... check out my blog.

Sam x

PG said...

Ah, hence the corner punch enquiry...funnily enough I've been revisiting my old tree images, and I have several which are scarily similar to your copse on the hill! Hardly surprising, they are all over the place.

Catherine said...

Gretel, I suppose its a pretty common image - I'll endeavour to put my own stamp on it :)