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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Sleepy bunny

I was going to post about this before I listed the item in question, but I just couldn't wait. This is the first of hopefully several scarves made with coloured flannelette. I love red and white together, so when I had the idea for a rabbit scarf, I knew just which colour background to go for first. This sleepy bunny looks how I feel on a winter morning when I have to be up and about but I'm half asleep, cheeks red from the cold.

This is a child-size scarf but I've decided there are enough fully-grown sleepy bunnies like me in the world that could do with a similar scarf. So, I've set about making a wider, longer version. It's nearly ready so keep an eye on the shop!

I have a feeling the bunny may also sleepwalk her way onto some bags and money purses soon too :)


Mon Petit Lapin said...

brilliant bunny so cute and sleepy!

Catherine said...

Thank you :) Now available in adult size!

PG said...

That is a really super design! Probably the best one yet.

RiverMist said...

your blog is super cute,
love all the stuff,
you do it your self?
I'def. be checking often.

Catherine said...

Unless stated otherwise, yep, this is all my creations :)

Deb said...

orrr my god! it is so pretty. lovely sleepy bunny. dx.