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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Blushing Bear, Wailing Cat

Having shaken a nasty chesty cough a couple of weeks ago, I naively thought that all my ailments were finished for the year. Usually I only get properly sick a couple of times a year - it goes to show that it pays to plan for every eventuality! I woke with a start early on Monday morning with a horrendous pain in my back - I actually wailed out in pain, hopefully I didn't wake the neighbours! Having taken painkillers I fell into a deep sleep and then didn't wake again until past 1pm.

Its hard to say for sure what caused it - maybe I twisted oddly in my sleep, maybe I strained something the day before at work - all I know is, it hurts to bend hurts to stand hurts to sit down...and it hurts to walk.

Determined to keep the momentum going and make up for lost time, I got some heat packs to put on my back and settled down to work - I've been focussing on getting the writing sets completed which luckily doesn't require much physical work! They are very near to completion now and I hope everyone will be as pleased with them as I am.

Here's a preview look at one of the designs...

I'm very fond of my blushing bear, so she is going to feature on another new product as well...

Yep, the tote bags are coming back, bolder and betterer! Watch this space for more details :)

Now for a soothing hot apple toddy (for the recipe, see my other blog)...


Deb said...

sorry to hear you are in pain and feeling unwell cat. i like how you post your sketchbook pages, they are great to see your though processes and scribbly writing. heres to blushing bear and world domination! dx.

clare said...

I hope your back is better now, Cat.

Your new blushing bear is delightful, and the new tote bags sound fab

Yours a very satisfied customer : )