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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Status report

Hello hello,

A quick status report for you...

Writing sets:
4 different designs are going up on Etsy in the next day or so :D
I had more ideas after the initial sketch shown a couple of posts ago, so there will be
1. Blue Teapot (with teacup stickers, oh so sweet!)
2. Acorn (you can see a very rough initial sketch among the other design doodles but there it is below, all packaged up pretty)
3. Blush Bear
4. Sleepy Bunny

Following soon (when I get more envelopes in appropriate colours) will be the seedlings design (minus the sun this time - I decided not to overcomplicate things) and also the gossiping cats.
The bumblebees, monocled cat, trees on hill and bluebird are still in the design stage.

I'm also working on a variety of things on the theme of tea - I intend to make a tote bag with my teapot picture sewn to the front, plus matching money purses with the teacup, plus I've had an idea for teaspoon keyrings that I'm trying out today - watch this space!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Here and Now and Live in Person

I'm pleased to announce that Scatterbox Originals now has a real world outlet - the gallery Here and Now. It's a lovely little gallery shop selling a variety of things, and best of all it's right down the street from me!

They have some of my purses, a new bag featuring my bear (see previous post - sorry I never snapped a picture of the finished thing) and my writing sets. If you're in the Falmouth area, go check them out!

My shop is starting to look a little sparse, but fear not, there will be more goodies arriving soon.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Blushing Bear, Wailing Cat

Having shaken a nasty chesty cough a couple of weeks ago, I naively thought that all my ailments were finished for the year. Usually I only get properly sick a couple of times a year - it goes to show that it pays to plan for every eventuality! I woke with a start early on Monday morning with a horrendous pain in my back - I actually wailed out in pain, hopefully I didn't wake the neighbours! Having taken painkillers I fell into a deep sleep and then didn't wake again until past 1pm.

Its hard to say for sure what caused it - maybe I twisted oddly in my sleep, maybe I strained something the day before at work - all I know is, it hurts to bend hurts to stand hurts to sit down...and it hurts to walk.

Determined to keep the momentum going and make up for lost time, I got some heat packs to put on my back and settled down to work - I've been focussing on getting the writing sets completed which luckily doesn't require much physical work! They are very near to completion now and I hope everyone will be as pleased with them as I am.

Here's a preview look at one of the designs...

I'm very fond of my blushing bear, so she is going to feature on another new product as well...

Yep, the tote bags are coming back, bolder and betterer! Watch this space for more details :)

Now for a soothing hot apple toddy (for the recipe, see my other blog)...

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Stationery on the move

As you may have guessed from the poll on the right side of the page, I have an exciting new product line in development.

Writing sets have been quietly growing as an idea in my head, held back by technical difficulties that I had feared would put them at a complete halt. By next week, I should be up and running with a shiny new printer and my idea will no longer be stationary!*

I've found some lovely quality FSC paper - this means the paper is made with wood from sustainable forests. Next I'm on the hunt for the perfect eco-friendly envelopes.

Here's a sneaky preview of some of the designs I have in mind. Please excuse the scribblyness! Click on the image for a bigger view.

1. Sun and seedlings - similar to the appliqué design found on my coin purses.
2. Gossip cats - remember Sylvie and Claudette?
3. Copse on hill - this one is inspired by a little group of trees on a hilltop that I pass every time I head north to see my family .
4. Bluebird sings - my little bluebird has always been popular on purses, so I'm bringing him back in papery form!
5. Cameo animals - these will be limited colour and line drawings of my animals, in a cute scalloped 'frame'. Definitely my bear and my rabbit with rosy cheeks...possibly also a monacled cat I've been doodling of late...
6. Miss Owl on branch - I haven't decided yet if she'll be wide awake or snoozing.
7. Bumbly bees - possibly with their Queen Bee leading the way as they bumble their way across the page.

I'm still deciding on the best proportions of paper to envelopes, so please do vote on my poll and help me make my writing sets the best they can be :)

*I know, I know, an awful pun but I couldn't resist...

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Sleepy bunny

I was going to post about this before I listed the item in question, but I just couldn't wait. This is the first of hopefully several scarves made with coloured flannelette. I love red and white together, so when I had the idea for a rabbit scarf, I knew just which colour background to go for first. This sleepy bunny looks how I feel on a winter morning when I have to be up and about but I'm half asleep, cheeks red from the cold.

This is a child-size scarf but I've decided there are enough fully-grown sleepy bunnies like me in the world that could do with a similar scarf. So, I've set about making a wider, longer version. It's nearly ready so keep an eye on the shop!

I have a feeling the bunny may also sleepwalk her way onto some bags and money purses soon too :)