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Monday, 29 September 2008

Cough and splutter

I promise, I will be posting some pictures of new things soon!

I am a little behind schedule I'm afraid as I have a nasty cold and have been coughing and spluttering everywhere! Coughing and spluttering on things I am sewing is not a nice thing to do, so for now I am restricting myself to things like drawing designs and going to the post office.

I have, incidentally, been to the post office today and found out while I was there that although my branch is one of the many that are being closed down by the silly silly Powers That Be the alternative branch in town is so bad, my branch is forced to stay open until it gets sorted out. Most post offices that are being shut down have a choice between working one or three month's notice before being closed, but my one is being kept open until January or possibly February. I'm partly glad that it will be open in the run up Christmas, because this will make it considerably easier to post sales in the busy period. But it's sad nonetheless that they are being strung along in such a way - knowing that the alternative branch, which is staying open due to being in the town centre, is not as popular and hasn't the same friendly community feeling. I'm going to miss my little local post office. :(

So far, any items that I sell on etsy I have taken to the post office as soon as possible - usually within 24 hours on a weekday - but when I have a longer journey to make to the post office I think I'll have to review this. It may work out more practical to set specific days and times for going to the post office - in which case, I'll be posting my 'shipping timetable' on here and in my etsy policies, closer to the time.

In the meantime...plans for scarves, money purses and bags a-plenty!

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