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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Thou shalt have a stylized fishie...

On a little danglie
Thou shalt have a fishie
Now I've got fish hook ear wires in!*

(And they're sterling silver too, for people with sensitive skin like me)
There should be a few pairs of earrings popping up in the shop soon.

I've also whipped up a new banner for Treacle Toffee based on my Shoal necklace, for a change from my plain logo.

* If you're wondering where on earth that came from, it's one of my favourite little nursery-rhyme type ditties


paula said...

oooh, I like these! And I don't even have my ears pierced.

Catherine said...

Thanks :)
I'm thinking I will get my ears re-pierced - I had them done when I was about 14 but PE teachers made us take them out and they healed up in the space of one badminton session!
I can make some with special screw-on earring findings for people who don't want holey ears ;)

natural attrill said...

These are so delicate and pretty.