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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Snuggly snuzzly

Well, you wouldn't know it was August here. While I hear reports of baking heat in Europe and America, here in drizzly Cornwall it's feeling like Autumn already. Hot chocolate, hot water bottles...I'm even wearing socks! I don't mind though, because the time has come (the walrus said...) for making cold weather things.

Selling on the interweb to international customers means I need to make things quite in advance to allow for postage time...and of course for my antipodean customers winter accessories are a touch late now (naughty Catherine).

You know those grey drizzly mornings when you wake up and you've got to get up and go to school/work/out on an errand but really you just want to stay nice and cosy in your pyjamas?

The solution!

This scarf is made with that same soft flannelette that you get winter pyjamas in. Snuggly snuzzly! I'm working on a few of these with different animal designs (next one up is going to have my bear on it, because it's becoming the Rule in Scatterbox-land that any new product has to have a bear on it at least once.) and possibly also some with my tree design...maybe some spotty ones too! I'm deciding on which colours of flannelette to get for making more - I love the white but I think some sky blues, pinks, maybe greens or reds would be good too.

Now this scarf is a child's size one (50 inches long, should be generous enough for a bit of 'growing room') but I'm thinking of making some for bigger kids (like me) What do you think?

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