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Tuesday, 26 August 2008


The Powers That Be on have launched a gift guide today giving recognition to Etsy's many fantastic international makers of things suitable for children.

You can find the gift guide here

I'm pleased as punch that all three of my items that I entered for consideration have been selected for the guide :D

You can also find my good friend Ladysnail's wonderful Robotington looking shy on this page:
There are so many great items in the guide and I've found a few new favourites (ok, I don't have kids but some of these things are great for kids of any age, including 26 year old arts graduates!)

In the interest of Karma and General Niceness and also Keeping This Blog From Getting Too Ego-centric, I have decided to periodically feature a craftsperson or artist who I think is the bee's knees. So...

Gretel Parker, illustrator and crafter extraordinaire has this gorgeous shop where she sells her needle felt creations. Gretel's work sells so fast after it is listed, her shop never looks very full - but check out her sold items page for the lovelies that flew (some perhaps literally...) off her shelves

My favourites have to be the geese with their elongated necks and subtle stylization:
Sleepy Sam, I know how you feel! The detail and work put into this fellow is amazing.

Lanky Lil has a lovely elegance to her - her little choker is darling.

These beautiful sculptures were born from Gretel's equally original artworks - some of which you can buy as greetings cards in her etsy shop. Certainly Someone To Watch :)

(Images are posted with the artist's consent)

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marko said...

Well done wit the guide, keep up the good work!