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Friday, 29 August 2008

Etsying away


From tomorrow (Saturday the 30th of August), as far as my Etsy shops are concerned, I am officially Away. I'm not actually travelling until Monday, but I am working in my day job on the weekend and so I won't be able to mail anything. I'm having a sort of 'two centre' holiday - going up north to see my parents (and my dentist, boo hiss!) and then we're travelling back down to this part of the country for a week long holiday. We won't be staying right here but I'll be able to travel over and check emails, go to the post office with any orders etc.
So for the purposes of Etsy, I'm back from Monday the 8th of September. While I'm up north I should have internet access, so if anyone has any questions or wants to say hi, please feel free!
I'll be back to crafting properly from Tuesday the 16th of September - that feels such a long way away! Perhaps I will take some small sewing projects with me to the holiday cottage...

I'm excited about the developments of more new jewellery and accessories for Treacle Toffee - I have been researching the best fabric to use for some scarves I'm going to make which will have felt and/or silk and/or cotton appliqué designs. Yet more earrings designs are in the works, not to mention some new brooches. The Treacle Toffee handbag range hasn't been forgotten either!

For Scatterbox Originals, I'm eager to make more notebook covers, lunch bags and mobiles but my dratted Epson printer has seen better days. It has decided now to randomly print bright pink lines on everything and smear black ink whenever it feels like it...this is not a good thing when you're printing things for your business. Plus, for a while I've been wanting to start making stationery for Scatterbox Originals - ASTFA type animals, things like my seedlings (which seem to be popular) etc. on writing sets, notelets and suchlike. So, I am going to save and scrimp as much money as I can to afford a new printer - I have my eye on a Canon Pixma iP 4500 but if anyone has a better recommendation please do let me know.

So, farewell for now, dear blog readers...


Mon Petit Lapin said...

Have you tried/heard of freecycle? ( They always have printers on offer and the deal is everything is FREE so long as you can collect it! I've used it loads before and found sewing machines, furniture, 27inch TV!! Just sign up for your region and then you recieve emails of whats on offer. I love it - reuse, recycle etc, it's crazy what some people get rid of! Enjoy your hols :)

Catherine said...

Thanks - I am signed up (its a wonderful idea, I love it)
but my computer isn't too compatible with anything remotely old (grrr Windows Vista!) so it does really need to be a shiney new printer.
I bet Freecycle has some great stuff in London, so many more people!

paula said...

Have a great time away! Hope you come back refreshed and inspired and full of lots of lovely new ideas :o) x x

natural attrill said...

Hope you had a lovely time away.
Sorry I didnt get to meet up with you and deb, been a difficult time here.