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Monday, 4 August 2008

Cold and warm

Strangely, once I started sewing my stormy weather things the weather outside decided to follow suit...maybe the sky wanted to be my model for the new range! In between showers, when my window wasn't looking too grey and the sun peeked through, I managed to finally get some decent photos of the first of my silken tempests...

I also made some headway making things in warmer hues. So here we have a necklace inspired by barleycorn and how the girls at my primary school made jewellery out of grass stalks, all the while hearing Eva Cassidy in my head poignantly singing Fields of Gold.
Plus one silk brooch I made thinking about big comforting cups of cappuccino, the last of the foam leaving trails of white and the sugar just about to sink in...

Ah, autumn...
It's really not far off now, and naughty me I'm a little behind on the Grand Plans For Scatterbox Originals! I'm going to be steaming ahead for the next couple of days, then taking some time out with my good friend who I only see about twice a year...and then next week on this blog I will hopefully have more info/sketches/tantalising photos for at least one of the following:
Small cushions/pillows for kids
New mobiles
Lunch bags
Fun new brooches and magnets

Bit by bit, over the next week or so I'm going to be listing more little purses on etsy, so watch this space!


natural attrill said...

I really really like these, Cat!!the colours and textures are great!!
RE: broken necklaces,
That sounds great!, What is the charity you work for? I feel i should donate some money towards the necklaces, and do you still have our address?
If you ever get any more broken jewellery in please let me know, especially charms / odd earrings!

Catherine said...

Thank you Toby :D
I do still have your address, I can post them up to you. The charity is Cancer Research but they really truly would have gone in the bin if you didn't have them...if you really want to donate anything for them the most would be a bit of loose change, so if you have a CRUK near you perhaps pop some coppers in their collection box?
I'll be glad to keep an eye out for you for any charms, odd earrings etc.

natural attrill said...

Thanks for that!

PG said...

Looking very, very good! I think you're onto something special here.