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Friday, 29 August 2008

Etsying away


From tomorrow (Saturday the 30th of August), as far as my Etsy shops are concerned, I am officially Away. I'm not actually travelling until Monday, but I am working in my day job on the weekend and so I won't be able to mail anything. I'm having a sort of 'two centre' holiday - going up north to see my parents (and my dentist, boo hiss!) and then we're travelling back down to this part of the country for a week long holiday. We won't be staying right here but I'll be able to travel over and check emails, go to the post office with any orders etc.
So for the purposes of Etsy, I'm back from Monday the 8th of September. While I'm up north I should have internet access, so if anyone has any questions or wants to say hi, please feel free!
I'll be back to crafting properly from Tuesday the 16th of September - that feels such a long way away! Perhaps I will take some small sewing projects with me to the holiday cottage...

I'm excited about the developments of more new jewellery and accessories for Treacle Toffee - I have been researching the best fabric to use for some scarves I'm going to make which will have felt and/or silk and/or cotton appliqué designs. Yet more earrings designs are in the works, not to mention some new brooches. The Treacle Toffee handbag range hasn't been forgotten either!

For Scatterbox Originals, I'm eager to make more notebook covers, lunch bags and mobiles but my dratted Epson printer has seen better days. It has decided now to randomly print bright pink lines on everything and smear black ink whenever it feels like it...this is not a good thing when you're printing things for your business. Plus, for a while I've been wanting to start making stationery for Scatterbox Originals - ASTFA type animals, things like my seedlings (which seem to be popular) etc. on writing sets, notelets and suchlike. So, I am going to save and scrimp as much money as I can to afford a new printer - I have my eye on a Canon Pixma iP 4500 but if anyone has a better recommendation please do let me know.

So, farewell for now, dear blog readers...

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


The Powers That Be on have launched a gift guide today giving recognition to Etsy's many fantastic international makers of things suitable for children.

You can find the gift guide here

I'm pleased as punch that all three of my items that I entered for consideration have been selected for the guide :D

You can also find my good friend Ladysnail's wonderful Robotington looking shy on this page:
There are so many great items in the guide and I've found a few new favourites (ok, I don't have kids but some of these things are great for kids of any age, including 26 year old arts graduates!)

In the interest of Karma and General Niceness and also Keeping This Blog From Getting Too Ego-centric, I have decided to periodically feature a craftsperson or artist who I think is the bee's knees. So...

Gretel Parker, illustrator and crafter extraordinaire has this gorgeous shop where she sells her needle felt creations. Gretel's work sells so fast after it is listed, her shop never looks very full - but check out her sold items page for the lovelies that flew (some perhaps literally...) off her shelves

My favourites have to be the geese with their elongated necks and subtle stylization:
Sleepy Sam, I know how you feel! The detail and work put into this fellow is amazing.

Lanky Lil has a lovely elegance to her - her little choker is darling.

These beautiful sculptures were born from Gretel's equally original artworks - some of which you can buy as greetings cards in her etsy shop. Certainly Someone To Watch :)

(Images are posted with the artist's consent)

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Thou shalt have a stylized fishie...

On a little danglie
Thou shalt have a fishie
Now I've got fish hook ear wires in!*

(And they're sterling silver too, for people with sensitive skin like me)
There should be a few pairs of earrings popping up in the shop soon.

I've also whipped up a new banner for Treacle Toffee based on my Shoal necklace, for a change from my plain logo.

* If you're wondering where on earth that came from, it's one of my favourite little nursery-rhyme type ditties

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Snuggly snuzzly

Well, you wouldn't know it was August here. While I hear reports of baking heat in Europe and America, here in drizzly Cornwall it's feeling like Autumn already. Hot chocolate, hot water bottles...I'm even wearing socks! I don't mind though, because the time has come (the walrus said...) for making cold weather things.

Selling on the interweb to international customers means I need to make things quite in advance to allow for postage time...and of course for my antipodean customers winter accessories are a touch late now (naughty Catherine).

You know those grey drizzly mornings when you wake up and you've got to get up and go to school/work/out on an errand but really you just want to stay nice and cosy in your pyjamas?

The solution!

This scarf is made with that same soft flannelette that you get winter pyjamas in. Snuggly snuzzly! I'm working on a few of these with different animal designs (next one up is going to have my bear on it, because it's becoming the Rule in Scatterbox-land that any new product has to have a bear on it at least once.) and possibly also some with my tree design...maybe some spotty ones too! I'm deciding on which colours of flannelette to get for making more - I love the white but I think some sky blues, pinks, maybe greens or reds would be good too.

Now this scarf is a child's size one (50 inches long, should be generous enough for a bit of 'growing room') but I'm thinking of making some for bigger kids (like me) What do you think?

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Frills and spills

Back to crafting and at last I can show you some things that have been in my mind's eye for a while.

Cushions for kids (aged 3 to 103 - sorry 104 year-olds, but I think you should be too grown up for this sort of thing by your age) The frilly scalloped edges are the same felt I use for the appliques - soft but not too flimsy. I like how these look like little framed pictures on my chair. You could have a whole gallery!


My first lunch bag (featuring my bear, again!) - well I say first, second really. My first ever ever lunch bag I made a couple of weeks ago and unfortunately I forgot to allow in my pattern for enough depth, silly me.
It's pinkish red vinyl on the outside and lined with red and white spotty cotton. My main priority when I made it was to make it as easy to clean as possible - the vinyl can be wiped with a damp cloth or sponge, as can the lining (which I pre-washed) I have plans for more with different designs.

In other news...

The squally weather in West Cornwall continues. I went out today on an important supplies buying mission and just about managed to miss the rain, thank goodness! Included in the supplies I bought were more pieces of silk for Treacle Toffee jewellery. More wearable tempests and light pools on the way, among other things...

...did someone whisper 'earrings' just then?

Shop updates in the very near future :)

Monday, 4 August 2008

Cold and warm

Strangely, once I started sewing my stormy weather things the weather outside decided to follow suit...maybe the sky wanted to be my model for the new range! In between showers, when my window wasn't looking too grey and the sun peeked through, I managed to finally get some decent photos of the first of my silken tempests...

I also made some headway making things in warmer hues. So here we have a necklace inspired by barleycorn and how the girls at my primary school made jewellery out of grass stalks, all the while hearing Eva Cassidy in my head poignantly singing Fields of Gold.
Plus one silk brooch I made thinking about big comforting cups of cappuccino, the last of the foam leaving trails of white and the sugar just about to sink in...

Ah, autumn...
It's really not far off now, and naughty me I'm a little behind on the Grand Plans For Scatterbox Originals! I'm going to be steaming ahead for the next couple of days, then taking some time out with my good friend who I only see about twice a year...and then next week on this blog I will hopefully have more info/sketches/tantalising photos for at least one of the following:
Small cushions/pillows for kids
New mobiles
Lunch bags
Fun new brooches and magnets

Bit by bit, over the next week or so I'm going to be listing more little purses on etsy, so watch this space!