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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Watery starlight

Pssst! Sneak preview of some new things for Treacle Toffee...
Inspired by circlular ripples and reflected light in a lake, shoals of fish that flash by silently, papery 'honesty' seed pods and the night sky.
Featuring handmade wool felt and pieces of silk.

Both shops should be seeing a proper update in the near future, so keep an eye out!


ladysnail said...

mmm. the sneaky peek pictures look very nice cat. keep up the hard work. i cant wait to see the items in full when they are ready. dx.

natural attrill said...

Cant wait to see what you're making.
We went on holiday in May, and I used my tree bag everyday.
Good luck with your Etsy shop, hope you sell lots!

Catherine said...

Thanks folks. :)

wakeupandlive said...

Stunning work! I love the placement of the seed beads!

Catherine said...

Thank you :D