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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Les chats de bavardage

Sylvie and Claudette meet at 7 every evening on the street corner to exchange news. What could they be gossiping about this time? Perhaps its that rumour about the crafts lady who lives in the attic - they say she spent almost a whole day sewing in her pyjamas last week.


Erica-Jane said...


can I just say you are a true genius!
I sooooo needed a giggle, and those last two posts certainly did the trick.
The purses are beautiful, I'm knitting some at the mo, (yes, I learned how to knit...there's no stopping me now, matching jumpsuits for Mr Ap, Sienna and me).
Good for you spending an entire day sewing in your jimjams, not enough people do that.


p.s. munchkin is fine, she rolled herself over on the floor for the first time more leaving her on the sofa in the shed while I work...she'll roll off!

Catherine said...

Thanks Erica :D
Regarding the pj-ed sewing...
It was mainly because I started work before I'd properly got up, and ended up getting engrossed in it. I did eventually shower and dress - mainly because I had to go out and buy bread, and the folks at the corner shop tend to look down on pjs and Snoopy slippers in their clientele. Goodness knows why.

Intrigued about the knitted purses, impressed at Sienna's advanced rolling ability :D

ladysnail said...

orr wow! craft and pj's are a good combination. the comfy and cosy kind. i love these two little chatter boxes. they made me chuckle as well. dx.

Christiane said...

These 2 look as if they're wine label cats...that's what I first thought when I saw the drawing!
Love the coin purses, too!!

Catherine said...

Thanks :)

PG said...

So long as you don't sew anything to your PJ's...

You could walk through our village in them and few people would bat an eyelid, in fact I once served a chap who was in them!

Catherine said...

That's it, I'm moving to Oxon!