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Monday, 2 June 2008

While the Cat(herine)'s away...

On Friday morning I was rudely awoken by quite a kerfuffle (and a bit of a rumpus).
Wiping the sleep out of my eyes, I saw not three, but six myopic mice had sneaked out of their box and ventured out into the attic room, no doubt in search of cheese, and met a rather alarming neighbour...

Now these mice are silly mice indeed. When I finally got Maude (the most sensible of the six) to explain, it became clear that
a) the mice did not heed my warning when they first arrived at the Attic Shelter (that there is a grumpy lion living at the shelter who is best avoided, especially when you are a mouse) and
b) they thought they could get away with their early morning adventure because they thought I wouldn't be home to witness it. Clearly they misheard me saying when exactly it is that I'm going away. So, to avoid further confusion:

Luckily I won't have to worry about the mice being naughty and encountering Rory Lion again while I'm gone, as they shall be on their way to their new home by then!

I have a list of things to do/make before I go, including another felt animal - Clive the snake - some new bags and purses, more mobiles, coasters and fish for Treacle Toffee. I have quite a few other designs in mind, but since I'm not sure I'll get all of the aforementioned things done in time, these will have to wait until I get back:

These were put to paper while the ideas were coming to me - I know how they're going to look when they're done, even if they just look like hurried scribblings to the rest of the world...I'll hopefully have something more tangible by July.



ladysnail said...

wow! they look beautiful! how i am supposed to separate them when they arrive? thank you so much cat. dx.

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

I love the lion! (I'm a could I not?!) The mice are adorable, too. I hope they can all get along.