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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Variations on a theme

Hello hello.

Lately I've been busying myself with some designs for more coin purses...
If you click on the image you may be able to make sense of my scribblings. Some of these are slightly different versions of my shy bear purse and Rory the lion purse. The first owl purse should be finished soon and then I think my next design-to-make will be the curious cat :D

I'm also working on designs for the notebooks and some possible lunch bags. A lot of my new work for Scatterbox Originals is going to feature variations of a certain bear, who was my first ASTFA animal (and my profile picture on the right of this page) I've even designed a sticker for going onto parcels:

Now, it seems that lately I've been mainly developing and drawing ideas...but I have been productive, on some new things for Treacle Toffee...see next post :-)


natural attrill said...

Stickers are a lovely idea.
Looking forward to seeing what curious cat looks like, I love cats!

Catherine said...

Thanks :) Cat things coming soon!