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Friday, 20 June 2008

Ode to a cupcake

Wonky cupcake
On the shelf
No one will buy you
You look sad by yourself
Fear not, sweet cupcake
Your saviour has come
In five minutes time
You will be in my tum.

This is a silly little poem I thought up while brainstorming ideas for my new notebook covers. I'm considering using it but not sure the many Americans on Etsy will understand 'wonky' (askew) or 'tum' (tummy)...

On that note, I am pleased to say that this week, Etsy published my article in their e-zine, The Storque:



paula said...

I like that poem!

The link doesn't work for me :o( Would love to read your article! x

Catherine said...

Thanks :)
I had to put the link on two lines to get it all visible on here (I don't understand how the page setup works - blush) If you type it out without the space between lines it should work...

paula said...

ahhh, i have found your article now! I enjoyed reading that! Made me chuckle :O)

PG said...

LOL, that is a great little poem, I wouldn't worry about the words, call it English quaintness!

kelly said...

I must say I believe most Americans are smart enough to understand words like "wonky" & especially "tum"

Catherine said...

I didn't mean to imply that anyone wasn't intelligent enough to understand, just concerned about cultural differences. Sorry to have offended anyone.

PG said...

It's a bit like the 'pants' and 'gas' thing, isn't it? They both mean different things in both our respective countries - I think Cat was just being culturally sensitive, rather than insulting. I certainly didn't read it that way.