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Monday, 16 June 2008

Crafty getaway

Hello! I'm back after a very refreshing holiday in lovely Devon. By day we visited gardens, a waterfall, an abbey, a butterfly house, an otter sanctuary, galleries and many shops. By night, I sat up in bed scribbling ideas. I knew that I'd be bound to have lots of ideas while I was away - there's nothing like not being able to craft to make you want to! Luckily I brought a sketchbook and pen with me, and the sketchbook is over half full already with doodlings, workings-out etc.

When I got back, I condensed these ideas onto two sheets of A4 paper for ease of reference (click on the images to see bigger)

In Totnes, I couldn't resist going into the yarn shop. If it weren't for me being urgently told that the time was almost up on our car parking, I think I could have happily spent over an hour in there, gazing at all the colours and textures. I left the shop grinning from ear to ear, clutching these lovelies:

Dark blue wool, misty grey-blue cotton and beautiful light blue cashmerino. The woman at the till said "someone's going to have fun!" - she is, she really is! I just need one more material, and a new gizmo for my sewing machine, and I'll be all set to start on some of those doodlings I've been doing for my Treacle Toffee range.

There's some exciting new things in the pipeline for Scatterbox Originals too - among other things, I'm working on designs for a new type of notebook. I have a couple of my little handbound notebooks remaining, which I intend to put on etsy sometime soon and sell at a discount. I love them but they take so long to make, and several times cutting paper to size I've cut my fingers by accident and had to discard book blocks with spatters of A Positive on them - not good!
I've found a resource for really good quality blank notebooks, which I can sew a fabric cover for, and this new method of mine opens up design possibilities.

I'm eager to make a start on everything...I just need to decide what to do first!

(see for my holiday snaps)


Erica-Jane said...

What wonderful sketches! Isn't that feeling of inspiration brilliant?! I can't wait to see what you do with the wool...and as for the mice...gorgeous!

Catherine said...

Thanks Erica :) Work has been put on hold briefly as I had things to attend to, but I should be making things with the wool soon...very soon :)

ladysnail said...

welcome back cat! i bet you were itching to get stitching while you were away. it is always the case. you doodle ideas look great and i am interested to see how they turn out. i will be back to see what you do with them yummy wool! keep on crarfting cat! dx.

natural attrill said...

Perhaps you should have kept the A positive splats, modern art and all that. I'm just 'O' for ordinary!
Lovely to see your sketches, and I am looking forward to seeing what you make.