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Friday, 23 May 2008

S'totally different

I've been doodling ideas again...developments on the idea of animals on purses, a bit different to my other designs. Keeping the Attic Shelter for Troubled Felt Animals afloat is difficult and I thought it would be helpful to sell related products to promote the cause. These are going to be bigger than my recent zip purses, closer in size to the pouches :)Here we have some of the ASTFA animals kindly posing for some applique coin purses...well, I say kindly. When I asked Rory to pose he just said 'Raaaaaahr!' Referring to my Angry Lion to English dictionary, I believe this means "You took me out of my box for this?! I had my hopes up there, I thought you were going to send me to a new home, grrrrrr!"

I did have some more willing models for the purses, who are considering coming to the Attic Shelter for re-homing. Ruthie Bear is terribly shy and unsure of herself. I'm not sure her nerves can stand up to living near Rory, but she's said she will certainly consider coming to the shelter after Rory leaves.

Elsa is an owl struggling to fit in with her peers. She's really not a 'night owl', you see, she's more of a '4pm cup of tea and a biscuit' sort of owl. I've told her that if she comes to the shelter she can watch afternoon tv with me while I sew.

But who's that brown and white character hiding at the bottom of the pile? Could it be my penchant for daft puns has broken forth into the land of Scatterbox? Oh dear...


natural attrill said...

The owl is SO cute!

Catherine said...

Thank you :)

ladysnail said...

orrr bless. these are looking grrrreat! dx.

Catherine said...

Hee hee :D Thanks