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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Can and can't

The 6th of May was a double birthday in this house - my sewing machine (who I have ingeniously named Jan) is ten years old. I got her ( as my big prezzie for my 16th birthday. A little bit of mathematics and you know how old I am now. I've become very fond of my machine, and it's served me well over the years even though its only a basic one. Here, on my sewing table.

For my birthday, I tried to make a marble cake...sometimes my cakes come out really nice, and sometimes...they really really don't. I put too much mixture in the tin, and it all came spilling out in the oven. I tried cooking it for longer to make up for having doubled the ingredients, but then it burnt pretty badly on the top.

Never mind, I'll have to just focus on the things I can make...

...more zip-up purses on the way in future and lots of handmade pillow boxes for the Treacle Toffee jewellery.

I mentioned recently about new ideas for Treacle Toffee. I'm still determined to make them but I'll need a new kind of fabric that I can only buy in bulk, so I need to a) clear through the fabric I already have and b) get a bit more money together for investing. What started out as one idea has become three ideas for new products...possibly more, they keep multiplying! I'm really eager to make these things while they're still clear in my mind's eye. In the meantime, a few hints:
The fabric will be that gorgeous soft cotton called moleskin, which I can only obtain in white so I get to practice my dyeing skills.
Stitched onto this moleskin there will be handmade felt, and possibly velvet and lengths of pretty yarn.
One idea is for wearing when its cold, one idea is for carrying things in, and one idea is for sitting pretty on your sofa.

Oooh whatever could they be?!


Erica-Jane said...

Happy Birthday Cat! (and Jan of course).


cookie said...

first happy b'day!
second what a gorg blog!
love the scetches, and the night light,and the neclace..

Catherine said...

Thank you :D

natural attrill said...

Happy birthdays!!