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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

What has it got in its pocketses?

A while ago, I posted an image of my workboard, and right at the bottom of the pile was a green shape of felt. I knew back then that this was going to be another copse of trees on a hilltop, but it wasn't until I stitched it onto the bag panel that I realised these were not ordinary trees...
I had just enough red buttons to make the trees into a little apple orchard.

While making this bag, I decided it was about time I tried out an idea I'd had a while ago, for pockets. Pockets are always handy, and I especially wanted to solve The Problem Of Pens. Whenever I'm out and about, I carry a pen or two with me so that I can write things down if I need to. Pens seem to have a special type of gravitation towards the bottom of any bag or pocket they are placed in (I believe it may be a scientific law, much like the law about bread landing butter-side down) So, I made a felt pocket inside the bag, with a little oblong shape at the side. This is just about big enough for one or two pens, so they stay nicely upright and easy to find :-) The rest of the pocket is just right for a coin purse, pocket mirror, phone etc, and closes neatly with a button.

I was so pleased with my new pocket design, I made another bag so that I could do it again!

I'm thinking of this bag as a book bag, because its the right size to fit an average-sized book - I based my pattern on it being big enough to fit a hardback book plus a few essentials. The strap on this one is long enough to hook over your shoulder.

I've got more ideas a-brewing, so watch this space :-)


PG said...

Love the apple orchard design! It is enough to turn me into a bag-kind of person.

Re - the needle felt - I actually can get 4 needles in the handle I use, I just choose to use one because it gives me greater control (rather like using a 000 brush to do a whole painting I guess)and the scraping of the wool is to tease the wool into a smoother surface, so that if I have added a bit you can't see the joins. I like to have the fibres lying the same way as the limb/joint if it is a leg or neck, and this is another reason for the scrapy bit. Regarding holes, I don't mind some holes, (if they are in a regular pattern) but when I am finishing off I try to make sure the fibres are lying in more or less the same direction, and stab in a more slanting angle if that makes any sense, also by a bit of gentle rolling you can massage the holes out or if they are very noticable you can tease them out with the needle tip. I spend more time finishing a piece off than actually shaping the whole thing!

Catherine said...

Thanks Gretel :D

sUz said...

hi cAtheRine!

I just LOVE your new bags! They are so fresh, fun, and full of sunshine!

iN jOy,

Catherine said...

Thank you Suz :)

natural attrill said...

I like the elephant bag, especially nice having a shoulder strap.
Lovely work Cat!

ladysnail said...

simply beautiful cat. the apple trees are so cute and so is the elephant. dx.