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Monday, 21 April 2008

Bumbling along

Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments recently, its so nice to have feedback :) Mobile number one is completed now, and will be listed just as soon as I decide on things like pricing and work out how much shipping would cost. Here's another sneaky peek:

(note the addition of blue and turquoise buttons and beads)

The change purses I doodled before are in progress, as well as another mobile. (I'm also going to endeavour to get that midnight blue bag finished that I started a while back.)

Tune in soon for pics of the new improved felty necklaces - I'm in the process of upgrading them all to nice professional clasps now that I have the proper materials. In addition to the necklaces have a new product range in mind for Treacle Toffee that I'm really excited about and can't wait to show you all what it's going to be... there's a few details I need to sort out first but hopefully they'll be popular...they won't be ready until May at the earliest but Treacle Toffee will be back up and running before then.

So many ideas, so little time!


natural attrill said...

I wonder what the new product range is for Treacle Toffee? - cant wait!!I love visiting here to see your creations.

Catherine said...

Thanks Penny :D
I'll post all about the new range when certain details are more...certain! I'm waiting on a fabric sample from Yorkshire, everything hangs on getting the fabric right, its a difficult one to track down and I need to check its the right sort of weight for what I'm making....