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Friday, 14 March 2008

Sunshine on a rainy day

Well, the storm may have passed, but the skies above are still a little grey. Spring officially begins here on the 20th of March, followed ten days later by the clocks 'springing' forwards one hour. Adjusting to the time change always seems to take me a good two weeks! Right now, I'm resisting the urge to hibernate by creating a little artificial sunlight...

This wallet is the first of several I have planned with a sunny, springtime feel, and it (har-har) sprang up in my etsy shop this evening. (I'll post a sketch of some of the other designs I have in mind soon. )

I've been making artificial sunshine in my wardrobe too. I have spent my birthday money two months early, because I simply had to have this skirt:

Its so light and airy (but it has an underlayer of light blue fabric, so not in a see-through way) I'm looking forward to wearing it, just as soon as fairer weather reaches these isles...its bound to happen eventually!


ladysnail said...

my god. that is one beauitful purse and the skirt is amazing! i love it. i bought a skirt the other day-pennies are tight but i had to have it. its got white birds on red background. dx.

natural attrill said...

Fab skirt!

natural attrill said...

Hi Catherine,
I'd like to buy one of your bags, but I dont have your email address, please will you email me:

sUz said...

hi cAtHeRine!

Your new wallet is so fresh and that skirt is killer!

Thanks for sharing your sunshine!
iN jOy,

Joanna said...

Thats a great skirt