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Wednesday, 26 March 2008

As promised...

Well, its officially spring now here, although the clocks don't spring forward until Sunday. Mother Nature doesn't seem to know about this, though, and so I'm still wearing my snuggly winter boots and having lots of hot tea. I'm not complaining - I like wintery weather really, but I'm looking forward to a little more sunshine! I'm fighting against the grizzly skies through craft, and so I present you with the aforementioned...


The swarm(ette) of bumblebees is the beginning of a new range of felt brooches that I'm quite excited about. They come as a set of three so that you can pin them together in all manner of flight formations, or pin one seperately to your cardigan/bag/jacket so that you're never without one. I think these would work well pinned to one of my flower tote bags, arranged amongst the blossoms like they're collecting pollen. :-)

The yellow and blue necklace is probably the most contrasting colour combination I've tried so far, and I hope folks like it. Its also the first necklace I've made that is super duper long, and can be doubled up to varying degrees (inspired by the lovely Michelle of etsy admin fame selecting one of my treacle toffee creations for an article on long necklaces)

Most of my necklaces are made to give the effect of a doubled-over necklace but are actually two lengths of string fixed together at the top (this is the approach I've gone for with my third leafy necklace, pictured here. The leafy things are among my favourites right now)

There's been a really nice, positive reaction to my sunshine and seedlings wallet (see previous post) which is great as I have plans for a few similar items.

And so, to the sewing!

Friday, 14 March 2008

Sunshine on a rainy day

Well, the storm may have passed, but the skies above are still a little grey. Spring officially begins here on the 20th of March, followed ten days later by the clocks 'springing' forwards one hour. Adjusting to the time change always seems to take me a good two weeks! Right now, I'm resisting the urge to hibernate by creating a little artificial sunlight...

This wallet is the first of several I have planned with a sunny, springtime feel, and it (har-har) sprang up in my etsy shop this evening. (I'll post a sketch of some of the other designs I have in mind soon. )

I've been making artificial sunshine in my wardrobe too. I have spent my birthday money two months early, because I simply had to have this skirt:

Its so light and airy (but it has an underlayer of light blue fabric, so not in a see-through way) I'm looking forward to wearing it, just as soon as fairer weather reaches these isles...its bound to happen eventually!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Wild and woolly

In case you haven't heard, the weather around here lately has been really rather rainy, windy, squally, blustery, and all in all, wild and woolly! Gale force winds are not what we're used to here in Cornwall. (Luckily I grew up in the northern hills where windy weather is quite normal, so I'm not too fazed by it. I even ventured out into town on Monday and sort of enjoyed the eerie lack of people in the streets, until tiles started flying off of roofs and crashing in the street below; then I realised why most sensible people were in their homes!) I've managed to get through the storm unscathed and while the hatches were battened-down I got on with making a few things...

These will be arriving in the shop very soon. My Scatterbox items seem to be taking on an increasingly dream-like quality. The bag above (which I am mentally referring to as my halo-moon bag) is inspired by the saying "A halo 'round the sun or moon, rain or snow is coming soon". This particular moon is shining down on some growing flowers and seedlings. I love the thought of little plants growing up out of the earth while the world is sleeping, and nothing watching them but the moon. :)
I really want to finish off my other midnight blue bag, but I underestimated how much tape I would need for the handles, so that'll be held back for a while.

The weather is a bit calmer today, and coincidentally this lull came at the same time as a nice little parcel containing some wool which is going to be used for some Treacle Toffee zingy spring-y thingies!

I'll post more about that in due course. In the meantime, I think hot chocolate and a blanket are in order :)

Thursday, 6 March 2008

From paper to fabric

From the doodlings I did last week, here are some close-ups of one of the bags and the purse in progress...

I've done pretty much all the handsewing part for all three, so I should get them finished up quite soon.

Treacle Toffee fans, fear not! I will eventually post that elusive handbag I talked about before, but I've decided to hold off a little while until I have a few others made. I'm also about to make more necklaces using these bits of felt:

as well as a few secret ingredients :-)

Other things on my workboard this week:

You can see the beginnings of another new tote bag on there (can you guess what it is yet?), another purse (I think this is one of my favourites so far), the bagged-up felt beads, a rolled up length of tape for bag handles (it's dark navy blue but for some reason my camera struggles with some blues...the cornflower and aqua blue felt beads look the right colour though - on my screen anyway!) Also my precious fabric scissors Which Are Never To Be Used For Paper, a couple of my templates that I've cut from scrap bits of card, my tape measure, and my box of bobbins.

Happy Thursday!