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Monday, 25 February 2008

Nice Monday things

Ever since I designated Monday as my official Don't Do Much day, I've been feeling a lot better in myself, less run-down, more relaxed - ahhhhhhhhh. I've been pottering around at home, rather than venturing out into this:

(view from my skylight window)
Its that kind of drizzly rain that doesn't fall down properly but floats around and just makes the air damp. Some kinds of rain I like, mainly the kind of rain that makes a tinkly sound when it falls onto metal, and the kind of rain that isn't wet at all, but made out of screenprinted calico loveliness. Ladysnail makes these fantastic little dangle-able rainclouds, among other things, and completely out of the blue, recently sent me this fellow

I actually let out a little squeal of excitement when I opened the parcel. I have named him Nimby, and I smile every time I see him dangling from the hook on my attic-room-ceiling-beam.

Mr Postman has been bringing me such lovely things lately. Nimby from Ladysnail and a dvd from my mum last week, and today some fabric I ordered has arrived in a big fat parcel. Grinning like a loony, I laid it out on my patchwork quilt to inspect it, and I realised there are certain colours I seem to be a little fixated on lately...

Dark blue, sky blue and white flannelette. I'm really pleased with the dark blue especially, which I haven't used before. I have a definite plan in place for that fabric, and here's a little sketch I did today of two of my ideas:
The bag I've drawn at the top will probably be the next one I make. I'm still deciding on the best way to do my 'haloed' moon for bag idea number 2, whether to make it like the moon on the coin purse I sold recently, only extending the swirl of stitches out around the felt, or with a button centre...
You can click on the images to make them larger, if you're having trouble deciphering my scribbly handwriting!


ladysnail said...

i hope he is behaving himself! i really like your quilt cat.dx.

natural attrill said...

Isnt she lovely our Deb, so kind.

Having a dont do much day sounds fantastic, I would love to have one!

Mother of pearl buttons will look fab on midnight blue, looking forward to seeing the bag made up.