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Saturday, 16 February 2008

Have I told you lately that I heart you?

Well, "V-day" came and went with the usual distinct absence of red envelopes...but I do still have some hearts to celebrate, in the form of one nice round number, and one that pleasantly reminds me of 'number 99 icecreams' :-)

I'm surprised, thrilled and flattered to have reached this milestone, and I want to say thank you to anyone who's ever 'hearted' me. It means so much to be given that little thumbs up from someone I've never even met.
It has spurred me to take another look at my own etsy favourites, old and new. Its easy to click 'add to favorites' and then go away and forget about the wonderful things you've found.
There are so many shops on etsy that I love, I couldn't possibly list them all here (my favourite shops list has so far run to 18 pages, and that's not counting the people I hearted whilst logged in to treacle toffee!) but I thought I'd mention some of them, and share the love.
For the sake of not infringing photo copyright, I'm not including pictures here, just links. - a fellow Brit, Kate has very sweet little pin badges with simple but effective line drawings, and fantastically quirky plush toys (I especially like the partially eaten 'gingerbread men') - gorgeous monochrome illustrations, inspired by nature and printed onto lovely linen things. - beautiful little ceramic bowls and wooden stationery - lovely handknitted items and ceramic jewellery impressed with leaves - if you haven't already discovered Jen's innovative use of pencils and colour, I very much recommend that you discover them now - bold designs, silkscreened onto pillows and bags in delicious saturated colour - wonderful art prints - combining handprinted fabric designs with applique felt accents

...I could go on, there are so many great sellers on etsy.
If you haven't browsed through your etsy favourites list lately, why not take a look now, and rediscover some handmade things you love?


Erica-Jane said...

does that say 500?!!
Congratulations, you have a lovely wee shop and I'm not surprised in the slightest :0)

Catherine said...
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Catherine said...

Well, obviously I got too excited about the 500 hearts, since the number has now dropped. Ah well.