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Friday, 11 January 2008

I should cocoa

Firstly, a belated happy new year! My, 2008 is galloping on.
Secondly, apologies for the big gap between posts. I am alive and well, back home from the holidays, and gearing up to list some new things on etsy.
My crafts lately have developed into two main styles, and while I was away I had a Great Ponder and decided to set up a second etsy shop called Treacle Toffee. is looking a little bare so far, but will soon be the new home for my jewellery (like the cocoa circles necklace above) and other felty/chunky accessories, as well as some new items that are in development.
In Scatterbox Originals, there will be more bluebirds, elephants, trees and butterfly bags, and the new ASTFA animals, coming in the next few weeks.


natural attrill said...

Lovely rich colour brown.
Great for the first piece in your new etsy shop!
Happy New Year.

Catherine said...

Thanks Penny. :)
(I've changed the photo now to one that shows the colours a bit better.)

natural attrill said...

Hope you have some good sales this year Cat!

Dudley Redhead said...

Hey - i just discovered treacletoffee and really love what you're doing with felt. Looks fantastic!

Catherine said...

Thank you Dudley Redhead :D