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Thursday, 31 January 2008


Today I made up some fabric labels with my treacle toffee logo on one side and care instructions on the other. I'm rather pleased with how they turned out. Here's one sewn into the lining of a bag that will be coming soon:

I plan to make some for Scatterbox Originals as well soon. Looking at my logo earlier, I realised I've never explained the origins of my shop names. So, for anyone who's interested...

Scatterbox Originals -
I'm dyslexic, and one of the main complications for me is that I can be terribly disorganised and scatterbrained. Its only since I started crafting and creating that I've found ways to organise my thoughts and express my ideas. Running a business on Etsy has also done a lot for me in terms of improving my organisational skills, and although I'd hate to think I have a scatterbrained (or scatterboxed) approach to my business, I felt the need to pay tribute to the obstacle that turned out to be the kick-start of my crafting career.
I was completely unaware when I set up my Etsy account that there is a punk rock band by the name of Scatterbox - hopefully they don't mind me using their word in association with cute nubby applique designs!

Treacle Toffee -
I'd been toying with the idea of separating my two main styles of craft into two shops since around last autumn, which is perhaps why this seasonal candy was on my mind whenever I thought about potential shop names.
Treacle ('tree-cul'), sometimes called molasses in the USA, is rich dark brown, one of my favourite colours. Treacle toffee is more commonly available in the UK around October/November and is especially associated with Bonfire Night (November 5th)
Aside from having a sweet tooth myself, I settled on the name because it has a nice sound to it, its associated with my favourite season, and it's quintessentially English.


Erica-Jane said...

Treacle Toffee...mmmmmm, yummy!
Yummy labels too. They look fantastic, really lovely.


ladysnail said...

mmm i could just eat some toffee. good your labels look great cat. dx.

LizzyT said...

Your labels look really good :)

Catherine said...

Thanks for the lovely comments folks :D

natural attrill said...

The labels are fantastic, looking really professional.