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Saturday, 8 December 2007

The wakeful hare sleeps with her eyes open

I must offer up my apologies once again to my blog readers, for the as yet unfulfilled promise of one stuffed felt hare.
I've been beavering away at items for etsy and making custom orders, plus working every weekend in my 'day job', plus getting my Christmas shopping done, plus chasing up my landlord over broken fixtures, and it seems to have taken its toll on my health. I'm going to do my best to get Fergus the hare finished and listed on etsy by Monday lunchtime-ish (UK time), followed by one or two other items I've got in the works if possible. Its all depending on if my home remedy for December fatigue (homemade pie, hot chocolate, schmaltsy movies and a hot water bottle) works, and how much time I have after the trip to the post office on Monday, when I will be dispatching any last minute orders from America.
Its a little bit ironic (and only just occurred to me) that both the hare and the trio of mice are animals with eye-related issues, and the reason I've been delayed in making and listing them is partly due to health problems with my own eyes.
The weather here has been so awful, I think work at the shop tomorrow will be quiet. I'm tempted to spend my free moments making more origami boxes for the assorted items I plan on adding to my jewellery range in the future. I had about a half an hour lull in the shop at the end of today, where I tore up an old London street map and made cute itsy bitsy little boxes, so now I'm on the lookout for old books with bigger pages that I can use for necklaces, bracelets etc.


natural attrill said...

I like the sound of your boxes, cant wait to see them! I'd like one made from a tube map.
Hope you feel better soon.

Catherine said...

Thanks Penny :) I don't have any tube maps, but if I get hold of any I'll be sure to have a go with those. :)