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Monday, 3 December 2007

Best laid plans of mice and craftswomen

The plan for today was to have various things listed on my etsy shop in time for my showcase...all in all, I got most of the planned items ready and up in time, but two items in particular are running late. The first of these is a trio of myopic mice, and the second is also a new resident for the Attic Shelter for Troubled Felt Animals (ASTFA), a hare with a habit of falling asleep and an unfortunate aversion to tortoises.
Slow and steady wins the race though, and I have finally managed to list the special printed tape that I've had in-progress for almost a week. The idea of the tape is to wrap it around presents and parcels as you would ribbon, but I have also noticed it could have other uses. Here is a picture of Mr Snail (a creation from the very talented Ladysnail) sporting a scarf made out of a bit of tape that went a little awry. Even felt animals need to be kept warm on these chilly days, and I'm sorely tempted to make some scarves for ASTFA in future...I'll just add it to the list of things to make!

People often ask me how I manage to think of all these things to make. I honestly couldn't say...but I do so wish the ideas would come further in advance of the Christmas rush next time!

The new ASTFA animals should hopefully make it onto the shop in the next couple of days, certainly in time for last Christmas orders. :)

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natural attrill said...

Oh I love your handprinted ribbon Cat, its lovely and a great idea.
Looks good on Ladysnails snail too!Penny.